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Welcome to, a comprehensive live music resource, powered by the local music community.  The longest running, largest of its kind and top recommended starting point for music in Vancouver,'s Events Calendar and integrated profiles from our Music Directories, are completely updated and populated with information by informed promoters, musicians and fans who visit the site every day.

With over 1,800 users contributing events, thousands maintaining profiles and thousands more viewing the resulting compilation, this is a continually active and constantly growing online community. As of now, our database contains 3,150 local bands & ensembles (12,300 network-wide), 1,140 (available) musicians and 2,035 music resources.
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Keeping your profiles up to date with the Current Status (Availability) of yourself and your musical projects will allow you to either take a break from jamming, gigging or media coverage, or put yourself out there when you're ready to present.

We recommend finding past dates in the event calendars & galleries in order to look back into the Archives.  Clicking on your favorite performers' or venues' events will provide insight into how the Vancouver community work together in putting on local events.

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